Nashi (video)



video, 26 min, 2008

In the forests between Moscow and St.Petersburg 10.000 young Russians are preparing themselves for a heroic future. Their aim is to make Russia the global leader of the 21st Century. They are the choses ones of Russia: the future managers and politicians of the country.

As the only outsider, Daya Cahen was allowed to film extensively inside the summer training camp of Vladimir Putin’s radical youth movement “Nashi”, known for breaking up anti-Putin demonstrations and using violence against Putin’s opponents.

In the camp 10.000 Russian boys and girls were preparing themselves for a heroic future. They spend two weeks in lockdown at the summer camp, while red banners and loudspeakers hanging from the dome tents in the woods tell them what their future will be. Pretty girls are encouraged to let themselves be kissed, it isn't allowed to skip speeches or exercises, alcohol is prohibited and rifles should be well oiled.

At the same time the West is ridiculed and anti-American sentiments are enforced by role-play of ever drunken Americans in prison clothes, portrayed as fascists and placed behind barbed wire together with Putin’s opponents like Kasparov and Khodordovsky. 'Nashi' provides a fascinating insight into the forge of the system’s leaders and the system itself.

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editor:           Daya Cahen

camera:         Daya Cahen

2nd camera:   Danila Cahen

sound:           Danila Cahen

Fixer:             Olga Kravetz

Soundmix:      Ferry de Pater

This film was kindly supported by the

Mondriaan Foundation, Dutch Filmfund,

Stichting Democratie en Media and Camalot

Installation view