Nashi II / Ours II (installation)


Video installation

with 4 synchronized projections surrounding the viewer in a closed space

12 min. Loop, 2009

In the forrests between Moscow and St.Petersburg 10.000 young Russians are being trained to make Russia the Global Leader of the 21st Century. They are members of "Nashi" ("Ours"), Vladimir Putin's radical youth movement.

Nashi II is a four-screen video installation that physically surrounds the viewer, with a sound composition. The viewer steps and places himself into the summer- and trainingcamp of Nashi, where the individual is replaced by the collective.

The works questions the role of the individual within this mass movement and shows how a seemingly innocent summer camp can become an important tool for indoctrination and radicalization. 

This work was kindly supported by the Mondriaan Foundation

Editor                Daya Cahen

Camera              Daya Cahen

2nd camera      Danila Cahen

Sounddesign    Daya Cahen

Fixer Russia     Olga Kravetz

Soundmix         Ferry de Pater

Production       Daya Cahen / Yulia Ochetova